Pick-up and Drop-off

Our school shares a parking lot with the Church, with entrance from Glacier St. and an exit to Alberta Ave.

We ask that parents pick up and drop off at the yellow gate (playground entrance) so that kids are not running through the parking lot putting themselves at risk of not being seen by other cars.

Supervision starts at 8:30am.  Students are to arrive at the yellow gate and play on the playground until the morning bell rings.  We kindly ask that parents do not drop off their children before 8:30am.

School Bus

Our school offers a bus service via 2 routes – both North and South of town (afternoons only). The routes are tailored to meet the needs of attending families. At this time there is no additional charge for using our school bus service.

Click here to download a pdf version of our regular Bus Schedule.
Click here to download 12pm(Noon) early dismissal Bus Schedule.
Click here to download 1:45pm early dismissal Bus Schedule.