Click on any of the links below to view our school policies and other associated documents. All members of the school community are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the key policies and roles which govern the administration of Assumption School and other CISVA Catholic schools.

Admissions (CISVA #401)

Anaphylaxis (CISVA #434)

Bring Your Own Device

Communicable Disease Plan (Updated January 2022)


Emergency Planning Manual

Field Trips and Off-Site Experiences (CISVA #409)


Harassment and Bullying Prevention (CISVA #321)

Healthy Nutrition

International Homestay

Learning Resources (CISVA #433)

Major Complaints (CISVA #302)

Music/Dance/Social Functions

Parent Handbook

Parent/Guardian Code Of Conduct (CISVA #412)

Parent Support Groups (CISVA #416)

PIPA (Personal Information and Privacy Act)

Potable Water Testing (CISVA #435)

Responding to Student Abuse Neglect (CISVA #405)

Special Education

Student Illness and Injury

Student Records

Tobacco and Vapour Products

Tuition Assistance