Assumption School was founded in 1961. Father Collins, the pastor of Powell River at that time, wanted Sisters to come and teach at the school and it was a Maltese gentleman from Powell River, Mr. Joe Formosa, that suggested to Father Collins to write to the Archbishop of Malta in his search. Answering his request, the Missionary Sisters of Jesus Of Nazareth agreed to come to teach and soon after, six Sisters made the long journey to Powell River to begin serving the school.

At that time, the school consisted of seven classes, from Grade One to Grade Seven. The first year there were 240 students in the school. Kindergarten was added to the school soon afterwards. Every morning when the bell rang for the students to enter the school, the children would walk down the hallway to their classrooms singing a hymn Hail Holy Queen the Ocean Star led by Father John Collins on the school P.A. system.

Sister Petronilla worked tirelessly to improve the school. She would go to Vancouver whenever she could to visit other schools and see what was needed for the benefit of the students and then find a way to get the funds to buy it. It took a lot of hard work and many sacrifices on the part of the sisters to help make the school what it is today.

Due to the continued great efforts and contributions of parents, staff and parishioners, Assumption School has been able to add new facilities, a kitchen and meeting space in St. Joseph’s Hall, a new playground, and a state of the art soccer field for the children.

1961, Assumption School Founded

Father Collins, the pastor of Powell River, finishes building the school which becomes part of the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese.

1961, Missionary Sisters Arrive to Teach

6 Sisters from the Missionary Sisters of Jesus of Nazareth in Malta agree to come and teach at the new school, and embark on the long, tiring journey to Powell River.

1990, St. Josephs Academy Established

St. Joseph’s Academy was the new Middle School  which enabled the creation of grades 7, 8 and 9 at Assumption School! This allowed students to continue to enjoy the smaller family like classes offered at Assumption.

2008, Sister Claire Retires

Sister Claire was the last missionary sister teaching at Assumption and she retired after 40 years of service to the school. All the sisters have since returned to Malta to enjoy their retirement years.